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What is the Galactic Cap?

The Galactic Cap is a revolutionary contraceptive condom. What makes it so unique is that this condom fits safely and securely on the head of the penis, leaving the coronal ridge and shaft exposed for more skin-to-skin contact, more sexual pleasure and ultimately more condom usage throughout the world.

What’s the problem with traditional condoms?

Traditional condoms cover a lot of skin surface; this dramatically reduces pleasure during intercourse, which translates into less usage.

Only 5% of the men in the world wear a condom. In developed nations consistent condom usage peaks at only 20%. It stands to reason that at least 80% of men worldwide are not consistently using protection. Traditional condoms fail at least 15% of the time (2% slippage and breakage, and the rest inconsistent or improper use).

Does the Galactic Cap prevent pregnancy?

The Galactic Cap is intended to be a new male contraceptive to prevent unintended pregnancy. The Galactic Cap has not yet been clinically tested, and has not been approved by the FDA.

Does the Galactic Cap prevent STDs and HIV?

The Galactic Cap has not been tested for the prevention of STDs or HIV. For prevention of STDs/HIV, please use a condom.

What material makes up the Galactic Cap?

The Galactic Cap is made up of two pieces of polyurethane welded together with an opening in the bottom portion. This opening becomes the airtight reservoir that catches and traps the seminal fluid much like the tip of a regular condom.

Polyurethane is already used in traditional condoms to avoid latex allergies. The G-Cap comes with a green lo-tac release liner on the top of the product. This liner helps the G-Cap retain its shape and protect it from damage during shipment until the customer is ready to use it. The lo-tac is plastic and will not cause any latex-related allergies.

How do you apply the Galactic Cap?

Apply the Galactic Cap to a clean, dry, erect penis with the adhesive side of the product down. (Click How to Use for a full description).

Smooth down to make an airtight seal over the urinary opening of the penis. The condom is now ready for use. Once applied, the G-Cap will remain attached regardless if the man loses and/or regains his erection. It stays in the applied position until taken off. The adhesive we use has been approved by the FDA for use on skin.

Does the Galactic Cap work for uncircumcised men?

Yes, the Galactic Cap works for both circumcised and uncircumcised men. As we have said, the G-Cap needs to be applied to a clean, dry, and erect penis. When the uncircumcised penis is erect, the foreskin falls away and the Galactic Cap can then be applied and used. The G-Cap performs like a second skin, staying on whether the penis is erect or flaccid.

Is the Galactic Cap painful to remove?

The strong adhesive for the Galactic Cap insures that it stays in place during vigorous sex. It is important to follow proper removal directions so that the process is easy and free of any discomfort.

How do you remove the Galactic Cap

Method 1: Use baby oil to loosen the adhesive and then grip the edge of the Galactic Cap and slowly remove it.

Disclaimer* Do not use oil-based lubricants with Galactic Cap. If you must use a lubricant, use a water-based lubricant.

Method 2: Go to the toilet or shower. Urinate until the Galactic Cap blows up like a balloon. Then grab an edge and slowly peel the G-Cap off.

Is your packaging discreet?

The Galactic Cap ships in a discreet white business envelope. Inside there is a small package containing the total quantity you have ordered.

Where do you ship to?

The Galactic Cap is currently not available in the US. We ship internationally to 35 countries worldwide.

What carrier do you use for delivery; is there tracking, and what are expected delivery times?

We ship using USPS First Class mail with no tracking. Expected time for delivery is 3-5 business days in the US and 7-10 business days for international orders to countries like Canada and the UK. For all other international countries, it takes anywhere from 7-21 business days for delivery.

How can I invest in the Galactic Cap?

All questions regarding investment should be directed to charles@galacticcap.com. Please send us an email with your specific inquiry.