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“Holy sh*t, these things are amazing”

Joni L – Finland reordered 10 times

“Thrilling! It was the finest condom experience I ever had.”

Jim B Reordered 19 times and bought $2,335.00 worth of product.

“It was Epic. I’m ordering another 10.”

David P – Hong Kong

“Best condom we’ve used yet.”

John & Jasmine – Brooklyn NY Reordered 8 times

“I would say it’s the closest thing to nothing but skin I’ve found.”

Seth E

“Easy to apply!”

Jeffrey R – Canada

“I ordered a ten pack. I’ve used 5 so far. Your condom is batting 5 for 5 no leaks!”

Christer J – Sweden

“My wife reported that she thought they were the best condoms we have ever used!”

Craig W reordered 10 times

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